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Availability of Holiday Homes

There are many beautiful areas of the UK where the property is still inexpensive enough for buying a holiday home. Property s most expensive in the metropolitan regions London, Manchester etc. and in the South East of the Country. Holiday accommodation is sought after within striking distance of the South-East; Devon, Cornwall and Wales. This leaves large swathes of the UK where the property for use as holiday accommodation is affordable and available. Finance is also readily available contact a company such as Get Me My Mortgage to make sure you get a good finance deal.

Top Areas to Buy Property in the United Kingdom

There are many factors that you will probably want to take into account when you are considering buying a property:-

  • Access to beautiful Countryside
  • Proximity of amenities i.e. villages and towns for shopping, dining etc.
  • Attractions for Children; fairs, leisure parks etc
  • Historic sites
  • Beaches

These are just a few of the considerations you will be taking into account. If you are coming from overseas, you may be used to long journeys to attractions. If this is the case, then the country is your oyster. The UK has an extensive transport network; most attractions would no be more than a few hours away from wherever you decide to set up a second home.

Particularly Attractive Areas

Most visitors to the UK are interested in the history the country has to offer. The beautiful scenery that is on offer is also a key attraction. These

are our top three areas to buy a holiday home:-


Northumberland is in the North East of the UK. It shares a border with Scotland. What are the key benefits of the county? Northumberland is a mainly rural county and has spectacular Countryside. It also has probably the best beaches in England if not the whole of Great Britain. There are castles galore, Roman Forts, the Roman Wall and Alnwick castle the Harry Potter films. Property is reasonably priced, and there are many quaint properties available. Our highlight for a visit would be the

”coastal route” this road takes you through many of the many beautiful and historic parts of the county.


Scotland is a country in its own right. It is self-governing in most areas; only those where UK wide decisions need to be made are excluded. There are many historic areas reflecting both the shared history since union with England and prior. The most urban area is the central belt which includes Glasgow and Edinburgh, the capital. However, metropolitan the place is full of beautiful landmarks, and areas of interest.

If your interest is more for peace and solitude perhaps the highlands or islands that may be a better choice, sparsely populated and beautiful.

Lancashire/ Cumbria

These two counties share the lake district. This as the name suggested, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. There are many lakes, many small towns and villages and it is protected from development. There are many walks on the fells the are regularly maintained. It is an excellent place for the thespian birth of many poets and playwrights, including Wordsworth.

Summing Up

The UK is a great place to buy property as a holiday home. There are many areas where you buy economically, but property in the UK has proven over time to be a good investment.

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