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Out of all the Disney theme parks Epcot has to be my favorite. Although I enjoy doing the rides and shows at Spaceship Earth, Universe of Energy, Wonders of Life, Mission Space, Test Tract, The Living Seas, The Land, and Imagination, I have to say that the World Showcase is like traveling from country to country without your feet leaving the ground.

We always head for this area first as most visitors want to check out the rides so we hit it when it is quiet. The World is set around a large lagoon, which makes for a perfect setting.

Saying that I love the United Kingdom biases me but that is where we always head. Disney did a clever job by using the architecture ranging from the 1500 to the 1800’s. What I love to see is the cottage similar to the ones near my daughter in the Stratford-upon-Avon area. They also have other styles including Tudor, which is another of my favorites.

The U.K. shop is exciting and different

You will find really unusual gifts as well as the tourist items. We love to chat to the young British people working there. They come over on a years work visa provided by Disney and are always happy at the beginning and really upset when they only have a couple of weeks left. I tell them that they have had a great adventure and an experience of a lifetime.

Sometimes we time it just right to see the World Showcase Players having fun. This always draws a lot of people and they get volunteers from the crowd to assist them in their play. Then they have the crowd booing or shouting and it can be quiet a riot.

We then tend to go over to the Rose and Crown pub and see if the Pearly Queen (Pam Brody) is playing the piano. It is great to have a sing-a-long and she always plays The Lambeth Walk as Len was born in that area. The pub offers good British beer including Guinness and Bass. You can eat in the bar or the beautiful outside dining area. All my favorites are on the menu including fish’n’chips, bangers and mash, and Sherry Trifle for dessert. To the side of the pub is a counter where you can purchase take out fish’n’chips.

We have been lucky enough to see The British Invasion here

Which is a Beetle’s show on several occasions. As you would expect there are 4 young gentlemen in suits of the 60’s era, with pudding basin hair cuts, singing the great Lennon and McCartney songs. I have to admit that they do a great job of it. We were also there when The British Invasion had Herman’s Hermits on stage. Peter Noone is amazing for 59 and still has personality and a great voice.

There is a the red phone box, which I remember as a child. Now the ones in my hometown are yellow and that is such a shame.

Finally if you want to get lost or just away from the crowd then check out the maze. It isn’t that big for you to really get lost, but you will feel miles away from the crowds, in other parts of Epcot.

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